Religious Service

If you would like to follow your own culture’s and funeral traditions, we can accommodate our services to reflect the unique rituals of your religion. Single location service held at your church or our chapel.

Included in Package:
  • 24/7 transfer from anywhere in the metropolitan area to our care facility
  • All paperwork, permits & death certificate
  • A timber veneer coffin, fully lined for viewing
  • Care of your loved one until the cremation has taken place
  • Washing & dressing of your loved one
  • Hearse and staffing for the church or cemetery service
  • Quiet time in our chapel, with your choice of open/closed coffin
  • Record of attendance cards
  • Download our Just Cremations Handbook. It tells you all about us and everything we do to assist from venues, tributes, flowers through to our different services and how much they cost.
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