Arranging a Funeral

The Decisions You Will be Asked to Make.

When you are arranging a funeral there are a series of key decisions everyone must make.

In instances where the deceased has made their wishes known these decisions are usually easier, but when they are not known the family needs to decide who is going to bear the primary responsibility for arranging the funeral.

This person then needs to issue instructions on covering areas that include:
  • Organ donation
  • Private or public funeral
  • The preferred time and date of the service
  • Whether the funeral will be held in a church, private chapel or cemetery chapel
  • Who will lead the service (this could be a member of the clergy, celebrant, family member, or friend)
  • Whether or not it is appropriate to have a viewing
  • Coffin or casket (traditional, environmentally friendly, personalised, etc)
  • Music selection
  • Who will act as pall-bearers
  • Who will prepare and read the eulogy
  • Who else, if anyone, will be invited to speak
  • What flowers, if any, are appropriate
  • Newspaper notices
  • Requests for donations to a particular charity in honour of the person

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